Conversion kit for baby tubs


Conversion kit to add a door and vents.

Door frame is 160 x 290mm 

A template is provided to cut out the hole for the door panel and bolt locations, we also recommend using silicone along with the bolts to hold the door frame in place. 

Vents are 40mmm with a 35mm recess for easy fitting, holes can easily be cut with a 35mm hole saw or cut out with the templates provided. 

The door is fitted with neodymium magnets with a pull strength of 1kg  

Please select the colour for the frame and vents when ordering if no colour is selected we will ship the default clear panel.

**** Tubs not included**** 

All doors are built to order and can take up to 3 working days to ship. 

If you have a different size requirement for the doors or for overseas shipping prices please drop us an email and we can adjust the size or custom built the doors for you.